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Kimonos Prep Debut Album, Zazen Boys Plan Small Tour

Mukai Shutoku’s (NUMBER GIRL, Zazen Boys) latest project, Kimonos, will drop their self-titled debut album into stores on November 17. The album…that’s the purdy artwork up top…features Greg Saunier from Deerhoof on drums for one track and some help from other Zazen Boys on other numbers. You can see the full tracklist for the duo’s (Kimonos also features Leo Imai handling vocals) debut on their official website.

In related news, Zazen Boys will play three dates as part of a “Matsuri Session” this December in a few places around Japan. You can catch them on December 9 at Shibuya AX in Tokyo, December 13 at Big Cat Osaka (here I raise my hand as I rush out to buy tickets) and December 17 at the Nagoya Club Quattro.