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Kool Switch Works Shares delicious beats 4 sale! vol​.​3, Gives Me Chance To Talk About Other Two Volumes

I figured, oh I’ll just write about this series when it reaches its conclusion. Little detail forgotten — I have no idea when that would come. So let’s just jump into Kool Switch Works delicious beats 4 sale! series at the third installment, because I can’t ignore this anymore. The series aims to offer up electro and ghettotech from Japanese producers, though it hits on a variety of styles beyond those too. Gunhead gets this set off to a rumbling start with the trap-accented “Bum Bum Satellites” (also, wow good name), while D.J.G.O. creates an unnerving track using horn blurts and spoken-word samples. Get it here, or listen below.

The previous two installments are also well worth your time. Vol. 1 features the heaviest-hitting line-up, opening with a swaggering track with hints of smudged corners courtesy of AVV, followed up by some throwback electro vibes courtesy of Satanicpornocultshop. Vol. 2 sees Picnicwomen mutate The Offspring into a goofball crowd pleaser, while Trekkie Trax’s Andrew delivers what might be my favorite track across any of these three with the electro hop-scotch of “I Want, I Need.”