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New Pasocom Music Club: Condominium. — Atrium Plants EP

That collective attention spans have been drastically reduced thanks to social media is probably a net negative for society as a whole, but one small perk of this shift in how information comes and goes seems to be that musicians have to act a lot faster than before in putting music out. Pasocom Music Club already released one of 2018’s best albums this past summer in Dream Walk, a computer romp celebrating both the Jusco beat, the bubble era, and peak netlabel days in a package that split the difference between nostalgia and the future. The Condominium. — Atrium Plants EP offers a slightly different side of the project. The four songs included here actually come off as a snapshot of their live show more than anything else — whereas Dream Walk attempts proper pop in the Club’s circle, Condominium offers up more club-direct stuff, starting with the house rollick of “Exhibition” and then creating a woozy dance track loaded up with bird sounds on “Atrium Plants.” Through the first three songs, this is Pasocom’s live show captured perfectly in EP form. Yet here comes the swerve with “Seed,” featuring Q.i with vocals. She only appears for a bit, but her voice shows the catchiness lurking beneath the pulse of an otherwise deep-set banger. A reminder that this isn’t an exercise in floor-filling dance tracks, but showing how all sides of the group connect to one another. Get it here, or listen below.