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Kuroguremore (half of Soft As Snow But Warm Inside) Has New Song: ” TRILITHOИ + MEИHIR/U.F.O.V.H.S.”

When Soft As Snow But Warm Inside called it quits earlier this year, it was nice to see at least half of that band go off and launch a new project, Kuroguremore. And it was a heck of a departure from the shoegaze-leaning indie-pop his original outfit made – with first song “The Oregon Vortex,” dude swung instantly into skittery beat production filled with unsettling vocal samples (which he refers to as “occult J-pop”). He’s only gotten more twisted on his latest song, which you can listen to above. It’s a lurching affair with a broken toy-land beat, and haunted by mumbly vocal samples.

Also worth mentioning – recent cut “Fata Morgana,” from the most recent Ano(t)raks compilation! If the first song above (sorry, not typing that one) is a little too dark and disoriented, “Fata Morgana” is a breezy song where the somewhat out-of-place vocals glide along the flurry of synths…before going lightspeed at the end. Listen to that one below.