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Sparse-ish Round-Up Featuring Fmifmi And Albino

Let’s make this Tuesday at least begin a little easier with two relatively sparse songs. The first comes from Sapporo producer Fmifmi, and it’s a soft number called “Sofa.” It teeters on the verge of being just a hip-hop beat — a track in search of a voice — but Fmifmi allows some mumbled voices and water splashes to interrupt the serene mix of saxophone and drum machine, giving “Sofa” an intimate air that allows it to stand on its own. Listen above.

The latest from Albino isn’t quite as laid back. “Lost Way [Recover Self]” opens with spoken-word utterances and harp-like notes cascading forward, but soon builds up in intensity. Her vocals turn into a distant shout, and the music itself burns brighter, offering catharsis. Listen below.