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Let’s Put Off The Start Of The Week By Looking At A Trailer For A New Boredoms DVD


Oh Monday, how you tiptoe upon us. One moment I’m coming home from seeing Inception and trying to gather my scattered thoughts, the next I’m reluctantly tucked in bed coming to terms with another work week. Plus it’s so damn hot on this side of the world sleep is near impossible. Sorry for the LiveJournal-lite rant.

Anywho, to make the latest weekend-to-week transition slightly more fun go ahead and watch the trailer for the DVD release of Boredoms 77 Boa Drum above. If you forgot about this sweet event, the lunatics in Boredoms organized 77 drummers to play simultaneously on July 7, 2007 (get it?). A DVD of this performance comes out soon, and you can get pumped now.