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Listen: Perfume’s “Laser Beam” (Full Version)

Sometime over the weekend, the full-length version of Perfume’s upcoming single “Laser Beam” somehow ended up on this sorta weird web page that reminds me of Geocities for some reason. I haven’t gotten a virus yet, so I’m going to proclaim it safe to use! Thanks to commenter Minh for pointing this out.

Minh also offers a critique of “Laser Beam,” writing that the song structure is “an exact “ねぇ” replica. I’d agree, especially on the same grounds he notes which is a return to heavy glitching out, Yasutaka Nakata once again exploring his interest in dicing Perfume’s voices up. I’d argue, though, “Laser Beam” is only half a “ねぇ” redo, with a large chunk of the retro-feel from “Night Flight” also trucked over. Despite being a weird FrankenPerfume melding of two other songs, I actually am sort of digging “Laser Beam” more than either of those older numbers. Still trying to work out why exactly…well, more then “just sounds catchier”…but I think it has something to do with the merging of these two styles instead of relying on one. Hopefully when the B-side leaks, I can summon more coherent thoughts. Or, hey, just listen at the above link.