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Same And Not Same: Toddle’s “Shimmer”

With members hailing from outfits like Number Girl and Bloodthirsty Butchers, the group Toddle comes bagged with all sorts sonic expectations that aren’t easy to live up to. This quartet, though, have managed to evoke both the aforementioned groups in the past – their song “Sack Dress” kicks but comes with a Heavenly-worthy sweetness. New single “Shimmer” probably won’t be earning those same comparisons. Toddle’s latest never feels like it could burst apart like the best Number Girl or Bloodthirsty Butchers’ numbers, rather floating like a feather over a wind generator that might sometimes swing it around rough but always stays safe. Though the drums add a slight shoulder punch to “Shimmer,” this is mostly a showcase for Toddle’s vocals. The singing, going from a solo voice to an intertwining lift come the chorus, always rises up to the ceiling. When the words can’t get any higher up, they just trail off gorgeously into the noise around it. It might be Number Girl and Bloodthirsty Butchers that draw one towards Toddle, but “Shimmer” shows they can make pretty art all themselves.

Thanks to J-Rock Explosion for this.