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Lot Going On: Suguru Ohtaka Featuring Nao Nanba’s “Closer To Me”

Sendai producer Suguru Ohtaka crams a lot into “Closer To Me.” It stands out from the other tracks posted to their SoundCloud, and not just because of the presence of a singer/rapper in the form of Nao Nanba. Other creations either lean into what appears to be a heavy interest in emo rock, or are more of the chill hip-hop beat kind of variety. Yet “Closer To Me” finds a midpoint between the two…and then takes a whole box of Crayola to them. The music moves from 8-bit fizzles to future-bass synth rushes to a big ol’ drop featuring sliced vocals flying by and (critically) samples of Linkin Park’s “One Step Closer,” which pinballs off of Nanba’s main refrain. Production wise its a rush, but she really seals it all down thanks to her nimble verses and signing, which add the charm to cut through the maximalism. Listen above.