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Aisle Sheen: Tozo’s Smoked Tongue And “Jihanki Corner”

Tozo’s music hovers somewhere in the same orbit as Boogie Idol and Pasocom Music Club’s output, shiny synth numbers riffing on the sounds of the past, but the more forgotten ones. Smoked Tongue came out last month, and puts the focus on Tozo’s composition skills, opening with the synth-wash boogie of the title track before zipping through shorter numbers built from pieces of forgotten funk and, on the closer “Mental Mochi Monja,” even sprinkles hip-hop elements in. Get it here. More recent — and a little more apt for the grocery store BGM vibe — is “Jihanki Corner,” a shimmering melody that finds something pretty in the everyday. Just listen to that bass sneak in! Listen below.