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Lullatone Release New Mini-Album Elevator Music For Free Online

Few terms make a music fan more queasy than “elevator music.” Critics whip out those six syllables like soldiers pull out grenades. So leave it to cutesy Nagoya duo Lullatone to embrace the idea of music you are forced to listen to while standing in a small space for several seconds. They’ve released a new mini-album called, surprise, Elevator Music for free online. You can listen to it here. “We’d like to propose a new kind of elevator music – one that makes you want to snap and clap, and talk to the stranger next to you.
We’d like to feel like floating up and down in a box held up by wires is a magical adventure,” the band write on their official website before going on to hint that the reason this small offering exists is because the elevators in Nagoya don’t play much music anymore. That daily trek up your office building just became a little better.