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New Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re: “Grapefruit Girl”


Personal story time – back in college I really really liked the album Pregnant Fantasy by Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re. After spinning (clicking the iTunes play button over and over again?) for about six months I ended up moving on to whatever else I thought was cool in 2006 and forgot about Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re. Despite releasing several other albums since Pregnant Fantasy it took me until this new single, “Grapefruit Girl,” to remember who Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re were. Glad to see they continue to rock on.

Neaux writing for Sparkplugged nails 80 percent of what “Grapefruit Girl” sounds like by busting out the “G” word – this has some hints of grunge for sure. I’d add though how important the vocal style is, Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re adopting a semi-cutesy indie-pop delivery reminiscent of Heavenly or, sorta obviously, Marine Research. Either way it’s a solid rock song from a band I completely forgot about until this moment. Crazy night!