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Lunchtime Listen: New Metome “Salamander” And Madegg “Saying”

Ahhhh, the beauty of summer vacation. For the next…week…I get to just relax at home (without too much work to do!). Which means I can listen to music I’ve missed while eating lunch. Alright, let the good times roll. Today brings two new tracks from a pair of Kansai’s finest producers going. Metome has had a big year, and he just keeps rolling out new songs. “Salamander” is a jittery electro stepper with some neat details (a soda can opening!) to keep you focused as the synths roll all over the place. Listen below.

Disorienting in a different way is Madegg’s “Saying,” which features the title delivered all metallic-like and dog barks. Not cute dog barking, either. It’s also not as manic as Metome’s track, going for a more understated type of whirl. Listen below.