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Make Believe Melodie’s Best Japanese Albums Of 2012

The album in Japan had an interesting 2012 – music sales continued to fall, while sites like SoundCloud and Bandcamp made it easier than ever for artists working on a micro level to get their music out to the people. For me personally, the past 12 months was more defined by individual songs rather than albums, which is why we will be publishing a far more detailed songs list later this week. Yet there were plenty of great albums too…although not enough (that we heard, of course) to do a top-30 list, as we’ve done before, unless we just posted everything Day Tripper released…and here are our 15 favorites from the past year. This alphabetized list features more than traditional albums as while – there is a mixtape, a compilation and series of EPs here. Check the info below the album art to see how you can buy/download these works.

And Vice Versa E. Tender

Order it here.

Bobcat (Cloudy Busey) Only Devotion Mixtape

Listen and download here.

CRZKNY Struggle Without End EP/ABC (Atomic Bomb Code) EP

Listen and download both here.

Goth-Trad New Epoch

Buy it here. Or on iTunes.

Her Ghost Friend Looking For Wonder

Order it here. Or buy on iTunes.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Pamyu Pamyu Revolution

Get it on iTunes.

LLLL Mirror

Listen or buy it here.

MiChi Therapy

Get it here.

Picnic Women I Want R.O.G.E.R. EP/Boooogieeee EP/Super Freak EP

Get all three here.

Rayons After The Noise Is Gone

Get it here. Or on iTunes.

Seiho Mercury

Get it here.

Shugo Tokumaru In Focus?

Get it here.

Taquwami Blurrywonder

Get it here.

Turntable Films Yellow Yesterday

Get it here.

Various Artists Compiled By Ano(t)raks Soon

Get it here.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: 2NE1’s Collection (a murder’s row of singles, but have all been floating around for the past two years in Korean) and Jesse Ruins’ Dream Analysis (ditto, except pretty much all 2011 and tied to that year for me).