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Make Believe Melodies’ Top 20 Albums 2013: Full List

Here’s the final list of this blog’s favorite Japanese albums of 2013. You can read more detailed blurbs for numbers 20 through 11 here, and 10 through 1 at MTV Iggy. This blog will have periodic updates during the next two weeks…basically whenever anything noteworthy happens…so enjoy the rest of the year, and thanks for reading.

20. Various Artists: Upwards And Onwards
19. Especia: Midnight Confusion
18. Sapphire Slows: Allegoria
17. Mioriyuri: Plastic Feather
16. Kaela Kimura: Sync
15. Buddy Girl And Mechanic: Buddy Girl And Mechanic
14. Homecomings: Homecoming With Me?
13. Cuushe: Butterfly Case
12. Sotaisei Riron: Town Age
11. Hotel Mexico: Her Decorated Post Love

10. tofubeats: Lost Decade
9. Melt-Banana: Fetch
8. Slow Beach: Lover Lover
7. i-fls: Diary Of Spectre
6. Seiho: Abstaktsex
5. Moscow Club: Station M.C.C.B
4. Shortcake Collage Tape: Spirited Summer
3. Sakanaction: Sakanaction
2. may.e: Mattiola
1. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu: Nanda Collection