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Make Believe Mix For October 2011 Featuring Kido Yoji, Canopies And Drapes And Avec Avec

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Uh oh…introducing a new feature, the (hopefully) monthly Make Believe Mix! Sometimes writing isn’t enough to get people interested in great music…sometimes you just got push a bunch of it towards them and say “just listen to this.” Welp, that’s what we are trying here! With this mix, we hope to share great under-the-radar Japanese music to a greater audience. I’ve never done anything like this before so I’m sure there are some screw ups within the actual mix…please let me know, so I can make future installments sound better.

Below is the list of artists appearing in this mix, in chronological order. Click the links to read more about them and find out how to buy/get their music. All artists featured gave me permission to include their music in this mix.

Kido Yoji “Call A Romance” – From the Call A Romance EP out now on KSR. Buy on iTunes or here.

Moscow Club “Pacific 724” – From the 909 State EP, self-released. Download it and more here.

The Moments “Short Trip” – Self-released, available here along with other tunes.

Super VHS “Girlfriends” – From the Girlfriends EP, self-released. Available here.

Canopies And Drapes “Sleeping Under The Bed” – From the Violet, Lilly, Rose, Daisy EP out on Love Action. Get it here.

Elen Never Sleeps “Blue Dogma” – From the Blue Dogma EP, self-released. Get it here.

Avec Avec “Kuzuha No Sunday” – From the Plastic Soul EP, self-released. Buy it here.