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Perfume Unveil JPN Art, Tracklist UPDATE Now With Full Video For “Glitter”

Yep, that’s it, right up there. No Triangle I tell ya what.

More interesting, the tracklist for JPN has been revealed and based on the singles included…basically, all of them since 2010…this album looks like it will almost certainly be good. Could have done without the bad AKB stab though! For us around here, the inclusion of the banging “Natural Ni Koishite” and (especially) the minimalist purring of “575” makes this seem like a sure thing. Yet it will be the handful of new tracks that determine whether this release ends up being a “great singles collection with some padding” or “a great album period.”

1. The Opening
2. Laser Beam
3. Glitter
4. Natural Ni Koishite
6. Toki No Hari
7. Nee
8. Kasuka Na Kaori
9. 575
11. Koi No Sports
12. Have A Stroll
13. Fushizen Na Girl
14. Spice





The only track released in 2010 to not make it onto JPN is “Fake It,” a song I didn’t really like but lots of people really dug. Makes sense, as “Laser Beam” does the same things “Fake It” tried but a lot better.

UPDATE: Now you can see the music video for “Glitter” here.