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Marble Sheep “The Sun Of Alaska”

In one of those cruel-not-really-cruel moments a music fan faces more than they’d like, I discovered LSD March were playing in Osaka last night only, oh, four hours before the show. Though I flirted with the idea of throwing all my responsibilities to the side for the night, I chose to be responsible and miss the show. This decision also meant I’d miss the band LSD March would be opening for, Marble Sheep. I’d never heard of them before, but they’ve been together since the late 80s and seem to still be going strong. They recently posted three new songs onto MySpace worth checking out.

“(I Know) Who Made You A Monster” and “DNA Cowboy” sound plenty good, but the obvious highlight of this new trio is the nine-minute burner “The Sun Of Alaska.” The majority of its huge run time is spent building upwards, the whoozy guitars spinning around as the vocals try to stand out in the middle of it all. “Alaska” never really explodes as much as it swells, the guitars seemingly wanting to burst through and truly overtake the song but never being able to. Instead, they spin around more and more wildly growing nearly unstable as the song draws to a close. No burst…just containment.