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Cats Off To Ya: CustomMummy

Look, I’ll be honest with you…CustomMummy caught my attention because the duo seem to perform live while wearing some incredibly creepy cat masks. Just browse the duo’s MySpace and look at the various pictures showing them hunched behind tables while wearing unsettling feline faces pulled from a 70s grindhouse movie…about cat murderers or something. CustomMummy, though, also make some pretty solid breakbeat jams, thus saving themselves from just being those creeps in the cat masks. There take on manic drum sampling leans toward the industrial, depressed electronic bleeps colliding with crunching blasts of noise. It’s not quite Nine Inch Nails, but carries enough traces of that grim genre to deserve mention. In “UFO Or USSR,” they go one step forward and blast some 8-bit noises into the mix, making an especially wild number that would work wonders soundtracking a child’s nightmare about clowns. And of course, cat masks.