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MASCULiN Remixes Linda Mirada’s “Secundario”

The CUZ ME PAIN roster always finds a way to keep themselves busy. The four primary projects of the Tokyo label – Jesse Ruins, The Beauty, :visited and MASCULiN – will contribute remixes to the Japanese version of Spanish artist Linda Mirada’s forthcoming album. The first of these remixes has popped up online – MASCULIN’s take on “Secundario” (hear the original here). Mirada’s take is on a Nite Jewel trip, dancey pop made out of second-hand synths and a surprisingly gripping voice. MASCULiN turns it into a fuzzy banger, Mirada’s vocals bubbling just underneath the party-starting beats and the squiggly electronics. Everything blurs a bit too close together late in the song, but that portion ends up being brief enough as not to really hurt the body-moving memories of a few seconds before. Listen below.

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