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New Seiho: “Ask”

Seiho has proven he’s capable of a lot over the past few months but man, I didn’t see something like this coming. “Ask” straight-up slinks, Seiho creating his sexiest tune to date. In the hands of a lesser artist, that ColecoVision bass and those occasional neon beats I associate primarily with Keith Sweat’s “Make It Last Forever” would have been enough, silly 80’s artifacts drizzled over GarageBand and the end mess being good enough to warrant a song. Seiho twits those noises into something that isn’t cheap nostalgia, the young producer using these vintage sounds as building blocks to something more daring and full of Seiho’s modern-day touches – warped vocal samples, mostly. Like, remember when Snoop Dogg had that song where he was intentionally being cheesy and using a talkbox? This is the opposite of that, and a whole lot smoother. Listen below.

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