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Metrotune Remixes Ice Cream Shout’s “Tattooed Tears”

Superb blog Stadiums And Shrines posted a nice interview with Ice Cream Shout member Bob recently, and it’s a good little read. Bob of Ice Cream Shout likes J. Dilla…we could be friends! Anyway, the musical hook for all of you types who need to hear something now would be a remix of the group’s breakout blog hit “Tattooed Tears” done by fellow Japanese hype-starter Metrotune. Metrotune’s reworking replaces the precious indie-pop skip of the original with squanky keyboard lines in the same vein as “Casio Beach.” The skippy pace of ICS’ song gets…dare I say…chilled out a bit. The stretched-out pace even makes the vocals seem more spaced out…not to mention, I somehow just heard the “louder than bombs” reference. Listen (and read the interview) here.