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Moon Age Spa Trip: Keita Onishi’s “Dream”

Tucked away at the very end of Cornelius’ 2006 album Sensuous is “Sleep Warm.” It’s a welcome come-down after a typical Cornelius record of all-over-the-place music, a straightforward lullaby with only one wrinkle – slightly digitally modified vocals. It’s an excellent closer and also one of that album’s strongest moments, the usually manic Cornelius settling down for some shut eye.

Keita Onishi’s “Dream” chooses to doze off in a similar territory with just as enjoyable results. The production sounds lean…compared to what Cornelius worked with, that makes sense…but still projects a sleepy, almost old-timey feel that’s cup-of-cocoa inviting. Onishi’s vocals, meanwhile, up the manipulation, as he chooses to smother them in vocoder. “Dream” doesn’t do anything complex, but the overall effect touches on all the same stuff that made “Sleep Warm” great the first time that one crossed speakers. Listen here, and I’ll give the semi-creepy “CAKE” a go where you are there.