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More Than Comedy: Pink Neon Tokyo Gang Kill Them All #PNTGKTA

What should be a novelty from a collective often flirting with disposable music —- future-funkers Pink Neon Tokyo putting out an album that seemingly exists to riff on a Tyler, The Creator album cover — ends up being an enjoyable and clever listen. Pink Neon Tokyo Gang Kill Them All #PNTGKTA stands out immediately because it isn’t just a collection of future funk, a niche genre that can produce interesting ideas (and fun beats) but often feels a little too “aesthetic” for its own good. Rather, the folks involved with this just get goofy, starting off by matching trap-style beats with Showa-era pop to create a dumb-fun opener that sets the pace. Lil Fiji Vert (yep) teases bouncy Vocaloid-pop before throwing a huge splatter of Trap-a-Holics sample over it and transforming it into something a bit more thumping…but still lithe and catchy. “Wanima” is both the the stupidest and most fun to sing along with, featuring the name of the punk-pop band repeated over and over again (Lil Pump style) into something that becomes clever the longer you let it linger. And even if that isn’t working for you, they close it out with a surprisingly reflective instrumental. Far from essential listening, but far more fun than you’d ever expect. Listen above.