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New Homecomings: “Songbirds”

Kyoto’s Homecomings have found their corner of the music world, and they fit snuggly into it. “Songbirds” is their latest song, and it is a further Sharpie-underlining of what they do so well. No band in Japan captures suburban ennui —- a very Kyoto-born longing, a place that allows for the space and time to just think —- and “Songbirds” plays out like many of their past mid-tempo cuts. It takes its time getting anywhere, more content to think issues of the heart over while a stroll of a guitar melody and light beat moves forward. The music can get a little rougher, but Homecomings leave plenty of space for Ayaka Tatamino’s reflective, slice-of-life lyrics to get space. Yeah, it sounds familiar coming from the quartet. But they excel at it so much, it feels comforting. Listen above.