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Moscow Club Remixes Love And Hates’ “Party Trash”

I’ve been thinking a lot about Love And Hates recently, mostly whether I want to write a review of their debut album despite the fact it came out the first week of December. It certainly isn’t a timely album, but it’s one of the few Japanese releases in recent memory that really divides people, some people raving about it while I’ve heard others spit complete snake venom at it. Something worth discussing I think – meanwhile, here’s something that shouldn’t offend anybody! Moscow Club remixes Love And Hates’ “Party Trash” for a remix contest the duo are currently holding. The Club drops all of the elements of the original that I think prove problematic to people – the chopped-and-screwed intro gets nudged aside and all the elements one could construe as “hip-hop coated in Fun Dip” are replaced for a synth-heavy explosion. Opening with what could be sounds from a literal party, this version focuses on brightness over beats, the original vocals snaking their way around the glowing tangles, sometimes awkwardly. Listen below.

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