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New Madegg: “Don’t Cry”

February just rolled around, yet I’ve seen barely any snow this winter. A few flakes fell on the school where I work in mid January, and I saw some residual clumps in the streets of Tokyo, but I’ve yet to really see a true snow storm. Madegg’s newest track, “Don’t Cry,” might end up being the closest I get then. The cascade of electronic pings dusting the entire song bring to mind a lovely December snowfall that feels oddly comforting despite the freezing temperatures that come along with it…or maybe a Gold Panda song, take your pick. Madegg, though, isn’t content with just scattered flurries. In typical fashion for the Kyoto wunderkind, he bends and stretches “Don’t Cry” out, adding a touch of time/space melting to an otherwise pretty tune. Listen below.

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