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Movin’ On: Tentenko’s “Good Bye, Good Girl”

Earlier this year, “anti-idol” idols BiS broke up, leaving behind a legacy containing a handful of extreme videos, a lot of nutty collaborations and a song catalog of mixed quality, albeit highlighted by an absolute beast of a single. Since disbanding in July, the members of the group have started making strides in various solo projects…but it’s former BiS member Tentenko who has delivered the first really good song to emerge from that outfit’s dissolution. It’s charm, though, comes from aping the past, not really pushing anything forward – “Good Bye, Good Girl” is a song steeped in ’80s sounds, piled up with sytnhesizer squiggles and big cheesy drum hits. I mean, the video tells you everything, as it is obvious footage of Japan in 2014 made to look like unearthed VHS footage. There’s no shortage of artists revisiting that decade in 2014…whether because they dream of those days of opulence, or just really like smooth electro-pop…but “Good Bye, Good Girl” at least hitches a catchy song to its retro look. Here’s a really solid pop song with a nice bounce to it. Listen above.