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New AAAMYYY: “Over My Dead Body”

“Unnerving” isn’t quite the right words to describe “Over My Dead Body.” It comes close — and boy, do we love using that one whenever we can — but AAAMYYY’s latest ahead of her debut album Body does much more than just make us feel slightly uneasy while looking at the computer screen. While the edges blur, AAAMYYY focuses the song so it follows a clear build, going from sparse to busy by the time the chorus hits. And she’s splitting the difference between using her own voice as another layer and as something raising above the whole song. When she lets them slowly unfurl on the verses and at the end of the hook, it functions as another instrument, but for the heart of “Over My Dead Body” the vocals jump out and offer something solid to grab on to. Maybe everything feels off balance, but there’s one place to seek shelter. Listen above.