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New Amunoa: Rusty Door

Not everything has to be in a rush. Producer Amunoa’s Rusty Door finds the Trekkie Trax affiliate taking things a little bit easier — or at least just turning the tempo down — with their sliced-up-vocal approach to dance music. Opener “Laser Lips” features a steady trickle of stuttering syllables, but Amunoa chooses to let them float around a more relaxed backdrop, leading up to the ultimate sign of chilling out, some saxophone playing. The title song disrupts this read a bit, as it plays as a bit of sonic texture experimentation, with big lurching details making this one a bit unnerving — though it still features horns and a pretty easy-going run too. All of Amunoa’s usual tools are on display, but used in a different way that still results in a good release. Get it here, or listen below.