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New Koutei Camera Actress: “Mataitsuka”

We (lolz it’s just me, you get it by now) are currently trying to put together Make Believe Melodies’ year-end list, and that has involved a lot of revisits to releases from across the last 12 months. Koutei Camera Girl Drei’s New Way Of Lovin’ stands out as one of the year’s very best — you’ll have to wait to see just where it lands for the site personally — in how it uses rap and raved-out electronic styles to push idol music (and, frankly, pop in general) forward. Associated project Koutei Camera Actress’ “Mataitsuka” isn’t quite as fireworks-ready as anything on New Way, but across its playtime they do hit on things that make everything associated with this project work. Mainly, how they use a rap delivery to really make those verses pop, and how they deploy it in a way that isn’t imitation of American styles done worse, but comes off more like them trying to find the vocal style just right for them. Watch above.