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New Anemone: Killing Me Softly

Dreams are never an easy escape. They are, after all, fantasy — they end, and even the sweetest mental zone-out eventually pivots back into reality. This tension lurks in the corners of duo Anemone’s first EP Killing Me Softly, a lush two-song set that retreats into a hazy fog but always has one foot just outside. The title track sets the stage well — it opens with piano notes and Yikii’s soft singing ushering the listener in, everything growing in intensity (and with a violin entering!) when she whispers “welcome to fairytale.” It’s sweet and calming…but crackles around the edges, regardless of how pretty it gets. “Requiem” gets a bit trippier, with synths squishing off and the beat skittering around, but centered once again by the sweet singing. And then it just ends, and the EP is over, begging for more but snapped out of it way too soon. Which I guess is appropriate. Get it here, or listen below.