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Space Is The Place: T4CKY

For some reason, the message system on this blog was broken for…the last few months, so every message people sent to me via the site did not actually get to me. Sorry! Upon realizing this problem, I went through all the mails and…well, found a lot of new music to listen to, a lot of it really great! One that jumped out was by young producer T4CKY, who doesn’t have a lot of songs out there, but the ones uploaded certainly shine. Especially because of how they utilize space…”Flutter” is the obvious highlight, a music-box-like melody ushering in the song surrounded by De De Mouse-esque chopped vocals, before a more skittery beat emerges. Comparisons are easy to draw — Qrion is an obvious one, as both play around with minimalism and a sound palette not normally associated with fest-ready EDM — but also distract from just how catchy it is, especially when the final stretch crashes in, a heavy drum beat raining down and adding muscle to a once skinny number. Listen above

T4CKY’s latest, an untitled number, introduces even more sounds, but still centers around a series of sliced-up syllables. It lacks a payoff similar to “Flutter,” but is a good chance to hear T4CKY play around with a few different noises. Listen below.