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New Anisakis: “海岸通りをあるく話”

Anisakis’ earlier recordings rarely sound fun, veering closer to black hair dye and Bauhas than popular kids party. Yet new song “海岸通りをあるく話” finds the group almost letting loose. The vocals still remain murky, muddled a bit in the mix, and the chorus consists of nothing but the lead singer screaming bloody murder. So far, not getting a shout out from the cool kids. But lurking beneath everything…cowbell! This isn’t a “fun” track, but this slightly upbeat addition gives “海岸通りをあるく話” a tiny bit of a fun bounce, at least until the lights go out and stuff gets weird. At it’s core, this is just another Anisakis track (nothing wrong with that, of course), but that flash of looseness makes it particularly interesting. Listen here.