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New Anisakis: “Rosas”

She Talks Silence recently started up a “personal record label” charmingly named Fuck Work Recordings. The label’s first release is a split CD featuring a new song from STS and a track from punky outfit Anisakis. The She Talks Silence track isn’t available online…which is kinda unfair considering this split CD is limited to only 50 copies…but Aniskakis’ contribution “Rosas” can be found here. It’s an aggressive number, full of impassioned shouting and drumming. The standout element of “Rosas” though is the bassline, a slippery little thing that threads everything else in this energetic track together. Though, points also go to the lead singer who nearly loses his voice near the end of the track. You can straight-up here him trying to keep it together. That’s mad passion.