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New Annie The Clumsy: Broaden Your Minds

Annie The Clumsy’s music often veers towards the funny, her sparse recordings putting jokes and wordplay up front to charming effect. Broaden Your Minds features plenty of these moments, from the tipsy night-in drift of “Mug Of Wine” to the buzzing rumble of insomniac jam “3AM.” Yet her latest full-length also finds emotions — always lurking in their — poking out a little more prominently. “I Wish I Was The One” is a sparse, painful meditation on unrequited love, full of Annie The Clumsy’s observations turned painful, each specific action pricking the skin deeper. “Steamy Ocean” finds her going Beach House and doing it quite well, while the skip of “Small Party” exudes good vibes. Even something seemingly silly as “My Body Is Ready,” with its drum-machine beat and synth pings and jellyfish dance moves, conceals a real excitement that bubbles over. Those emotions make all the clever stuff hit all the better. Get it here, or listen below.