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New Browned Butter: Fall EP

Kyoto’s Browned Butter follow up this Spring’s galloping “Fall” — the first song the group shared online — with an EP kicking off with that impressive debut. “Fall” remains one of the year’s best indie-pop numbers out of Japan’s still-vibrant community, an energetic number marked by just-exhaled vocals and a rough edge to the guitar. The two new songs unfold slightly slower, with “Smooth” chugging along (topped off by the most specific lyrics on the EP, being the one song here that makes you wonder if Homecomings success is trickling down to other Kansai-area youngsters) and “Fever” displaying a bit more drama via it’s guitar melodies, which mostly swallow up the vocals (but when the singing gets through, the sweetness rushes in). Get it here, or listen below.