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New Avec Avec: “Silkroad” (With Bonus Remix Of Pelican Fanclub)

Few better ways to start a new week than with a fresh track from Avec Avec, especially one as easygoing as “Silkroad.” The Osaka producer has long made the most of space in his music, but “Silkroad” is especially spacious, every detail allowed room to whirr off. It grows in intensity as it progresses, but don’t expect it to explore as much as pick up the swaying. Listen above.

Elsewhere, Avec Avec remixed “Dali” by rising Japanese rock outfit Pelican Fanclub, turning it into a warped-vocal bouncer, one that’s a fair bit busier than “Silkroad.” Despite pushing the singing into chipmunk territory, Avec Avec manages to retain the drama that boils up come the chorus. Listen to the remix below.