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New Balloon Skirt: “ミルクティーと星の夜”

Let me give you the short story about how I stumbled across this one – I decided “hey, why don’t I revisit old posts and see how some of the bands I’ve written about before are doing?” I land on a page including this post where I devoted a whole paragraph to indie-pop outfit Balloon Skirt. A little research later, I discover Balloon Skirt just released there first album this past week. Cue the X-Files’ theme for this strange timing.

The first song released from this new album, “ミルクティーと星の夜,” is an upbeat blast of sunny twee to welcome Spring. It’s all bright guitar playing and happy vocals, Balloon Skirt making those Three-Berry Ice Cream comparisons ring truer than ever. A dose of total feel-good. Listen to the track over here.