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New Bighead Featuring Hatsune Miku: World Is Wide

Sapporo’s Bighead is one of the better producers in Japan going right now when it comes to creating flat-out electro-pop jams featuring Vocaloid singing. World Is Wide finds them in their comfort zone, utilizing the familiar digi-sing of Hatsune Miku to create energetic pop numbers. The music across these 11 songs features plenty of contemporary twists — see the bass squeals on the otherwise shimmering “Gold Coast” or the drops in “I’ll See You” — but Bighead’s greatest skill is an ability to craft really catchy music out of an instrument that often feels unnatural (and World Is Wide certainly has that musical uncanny valley, but Bighead makes the non-human English singing work in these songs well, everything working well in the busy musical backdrop). Just check the title track, a zippy affair among the year’s best dance-pop so far. Get it here, or listen below.