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Omoide Label And Bytedoll Records Present Shibuya-Kei Chiptune Cover Compilation

Video game-derived sounds appeared in the swirl that would eventually be called Shibuya-kei — while lots of attention (rightfully) goes to the style’s focus on the dustier corners of the record store, not-so-faded 8-bit sounds also popped up frequently, giving the style a nice splash of computer-age energy. Shibuya-Kei Chiptune Cover Compilation, then, isn’t a totally out of nowhere proposition — I mean, for something far more unexpected, try the Vocaloid cover set — but still offers a nice new angle on the scene. The chip-centric nature of this comp results in the emphasis falling on the melodies, both of how the artists here (Japanese and from abroad) approach it and reminding that, for all the textbook-ready analysis, Shibuya-kei’s biggest artists could write a damn good song. Due to some sort of copyright kerfluffle, you can’t buy this one, but you can stream it below.