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New Broken Haze: Nizmo EP

Since helping launch Beta Pack a while back, producer Broken Haze has embraced a piston-pounding, all around aggressive sound that seemingly draws inspiration from the world of cars. The Nizmo EP is the latest exploration of this HD-like approach to hard-hitting dance, featuring four new songs full of trunk-rattling beats and shiny synthesizer notes. Opener “Fairlady Z” establishes the vibe quickly, recalling the sliced-up intro to his last release TRD, with a series of quick-hit noises leading up to the more pounding main passage. Things get a bit more neon-soaked on “Skyline GT-R,” letting the synths luxuriate a bit more before the drums hit. Broken Haze continues to show that his work stands out from the electronic masses in Japan with this EP. Listen above.