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New Woopheadclrms: Kamechiyo

Wasabi Tapes just keeps on bringing the textural bliss. The label’s latest release comes from Woopheadclrms, and it is 20 tracks of frantic, tactical noise, featuring rushing water mixed with sudden synth twists (“Bonfire”) and instructional voices clashing with bell chimes (“Misonikomi”). Kamechiyo sounds a bit more anarchist than other sound explorers like Toiret Status or DJWWWW — those two Wasabi Tapes artists manage to find melodies out of the clutter, while Woopheadclrms feels a bit more all over the place — but the quick pace of these songs and the whirlwind mix of sounds makes them intriguing in a different way. And, at their best, Woopheadclrms creates hyper-speed cartoon music, such as on twinkles-gone-nightmare dash of “ONODA” or the animated-splat of “My name is Muhammad.” Get it here, or listen below.