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New Broken Haze: “RX-7”

I’m not one for air punching, but when “RX-7” opens up and the beat just starts pulverizing away…well, my arms just get going, and I just hope I’m far enough from my computer screen. This is what Broken Haze does so well in his music, and “RX-7” (from a forthcoming release, premiered today at Insert) continues to highlight the producer’s sleek but piston-like approach to dance music. What has always separated Broken Haze from other contemporary electronic artists dabbling in heavier styles is how well he uses space. “RX-7,” even at its busiest, focuses on individual sounds, and let’s every detail get full attention even while they are crashing into one another. And the little gaps between, say, a spray of fuzzed-out bass notes or a particularly swift beat passage make the impact all the more memorable. Listen above.