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New Buddhahouse: “Mango!” And “Sex Drug Rock’n’roll”

Producer Buddhahouse is the latest to get in on the summery atmosphere. He shared two new songs last night, highlighted by the tropical delight of “Mango!” It is less “tropical house” and more closer to a sweltering dance number bringing to mind older Halfby, full of tiki-drink synth notes and breezy percussion. Yet Buddhahouse adds a tipsy flair to the song, sounds careening in and out, while the tempo changes up at various times, turning it into a drunken limbo of sorts. “Sex Drug Rock’n’roll” is a bit sillier, loaded up with pleasure moans that can get a little cheesy at times (the title drives it home, don’t need to reiterate it over and over). But the song itself is also far more relaxed than “Mango!,” and when it gets room to stretch out its a pleasant cut. Listen above.