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New She Talks Silence: “Sorry, I Am Not”

The word “uneasy” gets wheeled out a lot around these digital parts, and the project that first really got Make Believe Melodies to plunk that one down on WordPress was She Talks Silence. We named the then-solo-project’s debut Noise And Novels as our album of the year in our first year of full publishing, and stick by that one — that one, for us, set the pace for intimate, somewhat dark collections more worried about inner workings than what’s happening outside (something we are drawn to…Noah and Metoronori have wowed us with a similar attitude). She Talks Silence expanded to a duo…and is now a solo project once again ahead of Sorry, I Am Not, out this week.

The title track is available to hear now, and a lot of familiar feelings are coming back to us. It’s a darty number, one featuring a minimal backdrop of guitar and nervous beat, interrupted only by sudden wooshes of noise, which add (you know what’s coming) further unease to the song. Yet it’s She Talks Silence’s whisper singing that really makes the song work, adding the intimacy that has always been a staple of her work…and which makes the more unnerving moments hit all the better. Yet even in these shadows, a little brightness emerges late in the song, when the guitar playing picks up the pace and a little sunlight comes in. Listen above.