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New (But Actually Old) Madegg: Drowsy Numbness (2012-2013)

From about late 2011 to mid 2013, the Kansai region boasted Japan’s best electronic music scene…and probably the best, period, in the entire country. That might still be true…but back then, things felt really exciting, with artists such as Seiho, Avec Avec and Metome…among others…starting to catch attention. Madegg, then a college student in Kyoto, was also a massive presence, a cornerstone of the INNIT series of parties and an all-around active producer and DJ. Like the names above, he’s gone on to do a lot of exciting things, with plenty more on the horizon. But Drowsy Numbness (2012-2013) — which Madegg writes consists of songs found on an “old HDD” hiding away — offers a snapshot of the artist during this thrilling set of time for Kansai’s electronic community. This is Madegg when texture was central to his sound — today, I’d say it is more about fogged presences, things just out of site — evidenced by the twinkling melodies of “Rings” and the pulsing waves of “Sub Bag.” Drowsy Numbness captures the moment where Madegg first started figuring out what his sound would be, moving beyond Brainfeeder-inspired trippiness to something all his own, from feel-centric to something also a bit mistier (see the vocal loops on “Sub Bag,” all of “For Stella”). Get it here.