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New Candy Collection: 4 Plug-in Songs EP

Electro-pop outfit Candy Collection returns with a brief but affirming set of songs on the 4 Plug-in Songs EP. This style of pop — criss-crossing synths, bouncy drum machine beats, a copious amount of digital filter for the vocals — has been popular to varying degrees over the past decade, and while Candy Collection are simply a continuation rather than any jump forward for those familiar sounds, they do it well. Particularly on the opening double punch of “Rainyside Sunnyside” and “Magicwork Disco,” a pair of tech-ed up pop songs featuring super sticky choruses. It’s Candy Collection at their best — pure pop pleasure. “F.A.V” is more on the skippable side, not because their decision to rap about chocolate and tote bags is off, but rather it is hard to stretch that into a song lasting over four minutes. Closer “Melancholy Over Me” ends it on a solid note, featuring some lovely off-kilter percussion and sweet vocals on the…well, see the title. Get it here, or listen above.