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New Chocoholic Featuring Kev, Tate Tucker And SUBI: “First Class”

The story behind “First Class,” by Tokyo producer Chocoholic, as shared on HighClouds is a nice enough one for those who need narrative. She flew to California to meet artists Kev and Tate Tucker, who “reconstructed the song and added a positive vibe to it,” in her words (not sure when SUBI’s airy vocals entered the picture, but she’s involved too!). It’s a nice “coming together” story, but don’t let that sweetness cloud the breezy R&B styling of “First Class,” a smooth song that highlights Chocoholic’s versatility. This is silky smooth stuff, gentle piano lines and some sweet synth notes that give this a sweetness that is less like the sugar rush of Chocoholic’s earlier work, but something more sentimental. It helps that she teamed up with some very talented vocalists, who add the soul to “First Class.” Oh, and when it turns into a swift little dance tune midway through? All the sweeter a celebration. Listen above.