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New capsule: “Love Or Lies”


Yasutaka Nakata knows how to latch onto the spotlight. He stood out in 2009 as the guy producing the hit electro-disco of Perfume, and only a month into this year he’s dropped a new single with his personal project capsule. “Love Or Lies” may be soundtracking the J-drama Liar Game, but the song offers a glimpse at capsule’s upcoming album PLAYER, out in March. If this opening shot is to be believed, the duo’s (Nakata on the boards, Toshiko Koshijima singing) latest stays in their comfort zone of vaguely new wave electro-orgy pop. Surprisingly, Koshijima’s vocals on “Love Or Lies” sound less glitched out than on previous efforts, the Autotuning less obvious here. Nakata still gets his vocal jollies off, bridging the verses with chopped up voices reminiscent of Prefuse 73. There are a few pitfalls (a mid-song guest rap is completely uncalled for), but the song’s stainless groove makes up for everything.